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Financial and Sponsorship Questions:

Question: What is your Privacy Policy?
Answer: Click here to review Share Our Hope's Privacy and Security Policies.


Question: How does online giving work?
: Just click HERE to review your giving choices. You can pay online using a Paypal account or any Debit/Credit Cards.  Sponsor instantly, at any time, day or night.  The funds are withdrawn from your account and deposited into Share Our Hope's operating account in the same way electronic bill payments work.  Your information is always secure and confidential.


Question: What are my giving options?
Answer: You can give use any of the online options (Paypal, Debit/Credit Card); you can mail a check or money order to Share Our Hope's home office; you can give cash to any of the Board of Directors.  Click here for CONTACT Information.


Question: Is there a minimum amount I must give?
Answer:  There is a minimum ONLINE sponsorship request of $5.00 due to operational fees for accepting online payments.


Question:  How is the confidentiality of my giving and the security of my information maintained?
Answer: Your banking and sponsorship information will be stored on secure computers by Paypal and not store or monitored by Share Our Hope.  Click here to review our Privacy Policy.


Question:  Will I receive IRS tax credited contribution statements from Share Our Hope?

Answer:  Share Our Hope is an approved nonprofit public charity with IRS 501(c)(3) exemption status.  All sponsors and contributors will receive a statement of charitable giving prior to the next tax year.

Question: What is considered a covered expense?  What are my donations used for?
Your Sponsorship is applied to the following:

o       Travel to and from missions locations
Required transportation within location 

Food for children and staff
Clean drinking water
Educational supplies
Ministry supplies
Medical and Counseling services
Communication charges
Clothing supplies
Mission workers expenses
Other benevolence opportunities 

Faith Based Questions:

Question: What does Share Our Hope believe and teach?
: Click here to review the Statement of Faith.


Question: What is Share Our Hope's Mission?
: Click here to review the Mission Statement and Core Values.


Question: What is Share Our Hope's Foundational Verse?
: "
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you; Plans to give you a future and a HOPE." Jeremiah 29:11

Location and Operational Questions:

Question: Where are you located?
: Click here to learn more about Where We Live.  Since our founding in 2008, Share Our Hope primarily works in South Asia, but occasionally supports urgent projects in other world regions.

Question: What is your Security Policy?
Answer: Click here to review Share Our Hope's Privacy and Security Policies.


Question: Why go Overseas? Why not stay right here in America?
: There are needs all around the world and as Christians, we are to follow the great commission to "GO into ALL the world."  America has so many benefits and resources, we feel called to SHARE our energy, time, money, resources, but primarily our HOPE with "the least of these" that have not had the same resources and heritage to draw upon.

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