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Current Needs

 Financial Sponsors:

Financial donations are still needed for 2014. Gifts in any amount are welcome!

Specific Donations can be directed towards the various projects and ministries that Share Our Hope supports.

  • Interested in children's literacy programs? Then add the memo "literacy" to your next gift. Share Our Hope helps support ministry teams that use Bible stories to help teach children to read. $450 is the average cost for one month of a Share Our Hope sponsored Literacy Program.

  • Prefer to help fund free Medical Camps with the Save Kids medical outreaches into the major slums of North India? Indicate "Save Kids" with your donation. (for $1000 we can provide free medical exams to an entire small village or slum area.)

  •  Of course, the major focus for Share Our Hope is the sponsoring and staffing of the children's safe homes.  We work with multiple established children's orphanage/rescue homes. (An estimated monthly budget for an entire home of 20 people (children and staff) is only $4000. That's $200 per child, per month, for food, education, medical, and living expenses.) To help support these homes and future expansion homes, please indicate "Safe Homes" in the donation memo.
  • A one time gift of money towards a new computer is hoped for within the next two months. My personal laptop (4 years old) is showing its age. It has crashed twice recently and while I am looking to stretch its life as far as possible, it looks like a new one will be required sooner rather than later. If you would like to address this need, please indicate "Computer" in the donation memo online.

Gifts in Kind:

  • Laptop computers are in high demand. Have a slightly older computer in good working condition, but wanting to upgrade? I'd like to provide a computer for the children's homes and to outfit the computer lab at one of the long standing literacy programs in North India.

  • A variety of gift cards are always welcome and needed: 
    • Wal-mart for stocking up on toiletries and supplies that cannot be purchased overseas.
    • Gas cards to help with transportation needs.
    • Best Buy cards for tech and software supplies and possibly adding up towards a new computer.

  • We also collect used mobile phones. Twice a year, we turn these into a recycling program and receive a small amount per phone. This has an additional benefit of keeping our landfills free of the harmful chemicals found in old cell batteries. Please turn in any phones you may have lying around at home and consider the possibility of reaching out to local corporations to do a "Phone Recycling Drive." The funds received from this each year are designated towards my communications expenses. A fitting and needed application, to be sure!

Gifts of Time:

  •  Website Management support (know CSS? got a couple free hours a month? Help me keep this site updated... email us for more info!)

  • Are you college age or older with excellent communications skills? I'm looking for someone to volunteer a few  hours a week to help with scheduling and administration of the paperwork required to keep this charity running smoothly! (Requires a 6 month commitment and completion of an interview process.)

Other Options:

  • If you work at CSX, they have a program called "Beyond Our Rails" and Share Our Hope is a registered charitable organization elligible for participation in this program. Please email us for further info.

  • Attention Microsoft Employees! ShareOur Hope also qualifies for matching funds from Microsoft.  They match every dollar you donate through this program! Please email us for additional details.


Prayer Requests: 

  • Pray for ever increasing passion, protection, and provision.

  • Pray for the Unreached People Group of the day:


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